Industrial group Axon in 1373 the procurement and distribution of spare parts with registration number: 116 369 was established.

This sets its activities in the field of auto parts and pickup began arrow ,Axon industrial group with nearly 25 years of experience in the supply and distribution of spare parts, Is honored through this electronic database will be your guide in your expertise.

Through this portal, while having complete archive of general and specialized information associated with a variety of car parts, Axon has many years of experience and benefit from the experiences and records managers are always able to offer the highest quality and service to our clients and this creates confidence and a sense of satisfaction to customers is important.

It will also be honored with a donation to the customer's written warranty to the original of industrial orders in all things all the rest.

The complex is proud to partner with the largest economic and industrial firms have and always utilizes the scientific capabilities of its technical forces managed to take effective steps in its activities.

As well as have the demands of automobile manufacturers in markets after sales service with timely delivery, Reasonable price and good quality satisfy.Now the company is one of the largest private collections in the supply and distribution of spare parts for cars.

The main objective of Axon Industrial Group, creating synergies between manufacturing and service units in order to achieve quality, timely delivery and competitive price of auto spare parts for the global markets


Axon exclusive representative of Eurex Germany